New maintainer? - 2004.01.15

Well, I've finally come to the conclusion that XAW-Deinterlace is dead. I no longer have time to maintain this patch (and I have not released a new version for over a year). Also, I have not used XAWTV for an extended period of time. There are other superior ways of using a TV card in Linux now. Check out MythTV, it's my personal favorite. It even has deinterlacing built in!

The code will remain here until SourceForge decides to get rid of it, which may be never. If anyone would like to take over as maintainer, email me at yebyen@csh.rit.edu.

Laziness has ended - 2002.09.28

I just released a patch that works with 3.76. No real bugfixes, the linear blend filter still doesn't work on anything less than a P3, though i'm not sure i't be fast enough anyway... that may be coming soon, depending on some things.

Bugfix coming soon - 2002.07.09

A problem has been discovered with the linear blend filter - notably that it uses SSE instructions, so it will not work on anything less than a pentium 3. I should have a patch out soon, though it may require that I move away from the patch-based system so that I can test for information on the system at compile time. I've been bogged down with work lately, namely I have a job now and did not before, so it may be a while (the screenshots are coming too - I have them, I just need to organize them into a cohesive chunk.)

Screenshots - 2002.05.26

It's recently come to my attention that screenshots do indeed show the effects of plugins. I don't know how or why, it didn't work in (at least some previous release of) xawtv last time I tried. Whatever, expect to see some screenshots in the Files section (or maybe I'll add a screenshots section, its trivial in this spiffy new site backend I wrote.) Check back soon. Bwah!

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